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Director of Instruction

InClubGolf at Newtown Athletic Club | Newtown PA 18940 USA | Full Time | Posted: 09/13/2021

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Full Time, Year Round Instructor of Golf for InClubGolf at the Newtown Athletic Club in Newtown, PA



Position as an Independent Contractor is Posted by: Matt Frith PGA, National Director of Instruction for InClubGolf, LLC

Location: Newtown, PA

Required Experience: 5 years combined experience teaching/learning golf 

References:  Provide at least two letters of recommendation

Date Posted: 09/12/2021

Deadline for Response: 09/24/2021

Expected Date for Selection of Successful Candidate: 09/30/2021

Expected Date for Commencement of Contracted Duties: 10/01/2021

Initial Duration of Independent Contractor Agreement: 1 year

Overview: Qualified Golf Professional needed for Director of Instruction position at InClubGolf performance studio located in the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC).  InClub is an innovative, 1000 SF indoor, membership-based, high-tech, high touch, golf facility programmed for year-round use, InClubGolf LLC has provided membership-based golf programming services in this location since September 2015. These programming services include instruction, practice, golf-focused physical training, and on-course play.  The InClubGolf business model utilizes revenue generated by membership dues to compensate the instructor as an independent contractor and cover operational costs.

The successful candidate for this position will be an experienced, hands-on professional, showing exceptional capabilities in the following areas of evaluation:

  1. Proven skills in personalized golf instruction for all ability levels and demographics---beginner to expert, men and women, all ages.
  2. Demonstrated passion for teaching along with strong desire to achieve a high level of professional achievement and financial success.
  3. Ability to manage delivery and maintain value of these 4 golf related services (personalized instruction, independent practice, fitness coaching, and green grass play) to a diverse population of up to 150 dues-paying members. 
  4. Grammatically literate with the capability to function well within business management software systems, customer portals, member apps and written communications.
  5. Proven understanding of the important roles that mutual respect, authentic salesmanship, and effective communication play in optimized learning.  These skills are needed to grow and retain the membership base that will sustain the business and deliver on the promise of excellence in all aspects of the InClubGolf member experience.
  6. Assist with community outreach and development of mutually beneficial partnerships both inside and outside the NAC membership base.
  7. Knowledge of physical fitness as a key performance factor in the enjoyment of golf and  achievement of golf goals.  TPI certification is a valuable credential, but not required. 
  8. Support the NAC commitment to improve the health and wellbeing of all its members.  Lead by the example of living a healthy and active life. 
  9. Love of golf, paired with a passion to grow the game and the willingness to play the game, every week, with members at selected courses with whom prior arrangements have been made for paid, off-peak access.
  10. Own the tech-savvy aptitude needed to master the state-of-the-art technology now used to teach all aspects of the game.  Display hands-on operational knowledge of video analysis and Trackman 4 launch monitor technologies, along with the ability to manage a data-base of individual member goals and statistics needed to deliver on the promise of a customized golf improvement plan for each member. Operational experience with Trackman, Bodi-Trak, club-fitting, ball-fitting, and specific technologies applicable to putting will be important skill sets for the successful candidate.
  11. Responsible for the upkeep of golf studio equipment and related preventive maintenance measures.
  12. Demonstrable social leadership skills paired with a desire to make golf enjoyable for players of all abilities. Show real enthusiasm and a friendly compassionate manner in creating and sustaining, on a long-term basis, an active community of golfers within the membership population (estimated to be 12,000 members) of the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC).
  13. Ability to act in a business-like manner and understand the importance of accurate reporting to and coordination with InClubGolf Management relative to revenue, expenses, member satisfaction and continued improvement of the operational model.
  14. Express commitment to the important role of collaboration and communication with  NAC sales, management, marketing and programming teams.

Anticipated Range of Annual Compensation: Compensation for the successful candidate will be directly based on program revenues.  Expected range of annual compensation, as a 1099 independent contractor, is  $50,000 to $110,000..  Overall compensation package will be tied to financial performance as measured by mutually agreeable terms to be finalized in advance of a executing a contractual engagement.



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Location Newtown, PA, 18940, USA
Categories Teaching Professional

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Contact Name Hervey Lavoie
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